I'm Chenelle.
I'm 18
Live in the shitty town of Luton
My blog is pretty fucking random.
Ask me things.
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they wait

what are they waiting for??

they wait
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literally my favorite thing about the ENTIRE MOVIE is thinking about this. bc. okay. there are three avengers who could easily ascend stark tower and reach tony’s apartment and three who’d have to ride along. so did hulk grab steve and tony grab clint and thor grab natasha and all just fly up there with varying degrees of grace? or did they, as a group, walk into the lobby of stark tower and push the elevator button and wait for it to open? did hulk fit? did they shuffle around because they set off the weight alarm? and like, tony and steve go up? and clint and thor? and natasha waits with hulk last because she’s starting to feel real warm toward him? or did they all go up together? silent and exhausted? hulk nodding his head to the muzak?
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Ready for the world in my kate moss 101 lipstick and cat eye sunnies #makeup #selfie #vainbitch #katemosslipstick #sunglasses #ready
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An Ode to the Crop Top
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"I hope one day
Your human body
Is not a jail cell,
Instead it’s a sunny
2pm garden with daisies
Thriving because of
Self love."

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"Even if we’re married for 23 years,
I still want you to flirt with me."

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Anabel (free sketch) 21 x 29” pen inkinterested in tattoo designs? message me l.acun@rocketmail.comcheck out more on my instagram. @blackdotx
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